Christina Aguiliera

The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life

Every year for the pass seven years I have been apart of my mother's American Cancer Society's Relay For Life Team, the TSB Lifesavers. This year, along with raising money on my own, I am going to be a Co-Captian alongside my mother. I would like to get serious about this and raise a few hundred dollars if possible. Everyone knows someone who has died, survived or is battling cancer. For me, the closest person is my mother. She had Breast Cancer and is currently in remission. She is without a doubt, the strongest person I know. The best thing I can think of to give her is the knowledge that there is a cure for Breast Cancer [or any Cancer as that]. I know there is no cure, but everyday there is continued hope. With events such as the Relay For Life [this year June 15-16] that hope grows stronger.

If you would like to donate, please visit my webpage [I'm in the process of dressing it up, please mind the look of it] and donate as much as you can. If you would rather donate via Snail Mail [though I would personally suggest online donations] please leave me a comment and I will send you my address. If you are going to send through Snail Mail, please try and make all donations checks only and payable to American Cancer Society. Also, If I see you in person, you can always donate that way. Remember, every dollar counts.

If you leave your address here, I will personally send everyone a thank-you card at the end of the Relay. [All comments are screened]

Thank you,
Bonnie Wright

Friends Only

(c) October 8, 2007 Photo taken by Lauryn

My journal is now Friends Only. If you wish to be added to my friends list, comment and tell me who you are and how I know you. More than likely I will add you, I just want to know who is reading my journal. :D Be sure to comment once and a while and update more than twice a year. Thanks.

- Lauryn / LoLo